Wireless Communication

Wireless connectivity is the key to various types of requirements like voice, data, CCTV etc. We can offer digital network connectivity on wireless with point to point and point to multi point connectivity. Large outdoor distances with bandwidth up to 40 mbps can be offered. VHF wireless sets with PTT and intercom system with wireless EPABX also can be offered for security persons to use for perimeter patrolling etc.

Components : For VHF sets, Hand held Walkie Talkie sets, fixed or Vehicle mounted base stations and antennae are installed. For Wireless CCTV in long distance outdoor environment 2.8 GHz & 5.8 GHz trans-receivers with Antennae are installed. Complete wireless EPABX integrated with VHF sets with IP telephony also can be installed.

Benefits : In challenging environments wireless devices ensures mobility and ease of operations. Timely action can have lot of benefits in various type of security requirements.