BMS is integration platform, advanced controllability, and sophisticated monitoring, measurement, verification and versatile reporting. The most important prerequisite for achieving Green building status is the efficient functional integration of building systems. The systems shall function smoothly together according to modes of the building or the space, prevailing conditions and needs / preferences of the users. The integrated operations shall be fully automatic, triggered by one input, having appropriate impact to all systems in the building.

BMS integration shall enable significantly lower energy consumption, real-time control and monitoring and dynamic graphics according to needs. System integration shall create better environmental air quality, radically improved energy performance and increased water efficiency, according to requirements of Green Building standard and initiatives.

BMS integration shall also allow for efficient system maintenance and full-scale service provisioning with radically lower cost and better quality services. Easy access to building systems shall ensures that everything is in perfect condition and functions in the optimal way at all times. Should anything disturbing happen, immediate response shall be available. Integration shall facilitate undisturbed conditions in the building and sustainable development through minimized energy consumption, first-class security and significantly lower life cycle costs. Following systems are covered under BMS – HVAC Control & Monitoring, Gas Leak Detection, Water Leak Detection, Energy Management Systems, Lighting Control, Elevator Control, Tenant Sub-metering, Tank Monitoring etc.