While designing solutions of low voltage electrical solutions for Security & Automations needs vast variety is available. Solutions are offered for Building or industrial plants or a township wherever human security can be strengthened by help of technology.

For large buildings, IBMS (Building Management Systems) need to be considered. Energy consumption optimization, HVAC, Elevators, water tanks and supply, lighting related functions – all are offered for monitoring and control as needed.

Fire related preparedness and all solutions like Fire Detection & Alarm, Fire Suppression systems, Fire fighting systems, related evacuation system etc are offered. Solutions complying to NFPA code and out national building codes would be offered.

Surveillance is very powerful tool for any electronic security technology deployment. Complete range is offered starting from basic indoor solution with small dome cameras to City Surveillance type of large solutions. Analog cameras on DVR as well as IP cameras on fiber and wireless connectivity with all software solutions are offered. Intelligent Video Analytics for automated alerts are must where number of cameras are more and human operator would have limitations in terms of effectively monitoring them. State of the art Command & Control Center solution integrated with surveillance and all other systems also can be offered as per customized requirements.

In Access Control Range indoor and outdoor solutions are available. Typical door control with locks and outdoor gates control with visitor Management, parking management, RFID Solutions can be offered. Entrance control, vehicle tracking also can be integrated and offered. The solutions can cover basic attendance to comprehensive access control with human tracking also.

Intrusion detection and perimeter solutions can also be offered. Typical indoor intrusion detection and alarm as well as outdoor one and perimeter protection solution with beam pair, integrated CCTV etc can be offered.

Typical Home Automation solution with lighting control, VDPs, Burglar alarm, curtain control and full IBMS type of solution where multiple flats and full colony also can be offered latest technology deployment.

Explosive detections systems and metal detectors with various options and counter surveillance solutions also are in demand due to current situation. Compete range of such solutions are offered as part of comprehensive portfolio.