Public Utilities

In a populous country like India Security is a challenge at Public places. Checkmate offers the following solutions:

  • Surveillance Solution
  • Outdoor Access Control
  • Intrusion Detection
  • X-Rays & Explosive Scanners
  • Wireless Communications
  • Related Software & Analytics
  • Counter Surveillance & Debugging

Since all major educational and sports campuses, City Public Areas are considered soft targets for Terrorist strikes; they need to be protected round the clock. Wide Area networked and simultaneous multiple monitoring solutions are required to be implemented for generating confidence in people and police force. Home Land Security is the biggest challenge today for every country. Surveillance needs would be varied based on need to help security personnel, monitor staff activities or for general surveillance. Indoor access control systems would help access to decided areas to authorized persons. Outdoor access control would be useful in gate automation and generating data for vehicle and personnel tracking etc. Intrusion Detection and Perimeter Protection for any building is critical. Solutions like Power fence or other type of solution can be offered based on need. Similarly metallic objects, explosives, contraband material etc can be detected based on threats perceived. Relevant software, wireless communication and counter surveillance or debugging also can be provided based on need. To provide security in public environment is a typical challenge and technology can really add value as only human guarding would be insufficient and particularly when threat perceived is with technology utilization.

In summary security challenges of any Public Utilities and infrastructure can be taken care using technology.