Haritasa Electronics understand the requirements of the client through discussions and proceed to do a technical site survey or study the blueprints wherever available. A thorough evaluation is done at this stage. The results of this stage are a product of vast research and experience of the professionals associated with the company.

At this stage, Haritasa Electronics presents the client with different options in terms of technologies, equipment available, brands etc., that will work towards developing a solution. We present various solutions segregated in terms of functionality, application and cost-effectiveness such that the client may chose what suits him best.

The following international standards are being complied with; 1. ISO/IEC/1801:2002 2. EIA/TIA 568B 3. EIA/TIA/568B.2-1

Quality is our keyword and we ensure that materials are sold directly or through authorised channels that guarantee genuineness of the products and carry the best price tags. In addition we have material ex-stock on hand that ensures timely delivery of materials.

HARITASA ELECTRONICS assign their expert team which handles the set up of your systems with professional dedication and precision. We also have the back up of our international level engineers of our channel partners to assist us in doing the right things for you.

We at HARITASA ensure that our equipments incorporate the entire user friendly features for a quick commissioning and smooth operation. All the components of the system are integrated together and various tests are carried out by our engineers so that the systems function without any technical snags.

HARITASA ELECTRONICS provides continous maintenance services even after the completion of the onsite work. This is accomplished by offering Annual Maintenance Contract services to our clients. These contracts facilitates the shifting of the entire burden of upholding the systems performance/operations onto our shoulders. We carry out periodic checks, overhauling and other repair works as required. In addition our technical team will be always available to attend to any emergency situations when called for.

It is certainly a matter of pride for us to hold our service values as the top most priority for our clients. We provide our services within the shortest time and ensure smooth sailing for you in case of any system breakdowns thus always keeping the downtime minimum. We work directly in collaboration with the technicians from the companies that source the material for us. We ensure you a worry free relationship with good support at all times.