Mass Transport

Security of Transportation for people and material has become extremely critical. Checkmate offers any or all of following systems:

  • IBMS
  • Fire Detection and Mitigation Solutions
  • Surveillance Solution
  • Indoor and/or Outdoor Access Control
  • Intrusion Detection
  • X-Rays & Explosive Scanners
  • Wireless Communications
  • Related Software & Analytics

Security is to be maintained at optimum level round clock for all mass transport infrastructures like Airport, Seaport, Railways, Bus network, Cargo services etc. The challenges to be handled are unique for each utility. IBMS system ensures energy utilization, utilities like water tanks / pumps, HVAC system, integration with security systems like surveillance & access control from one central control room for best utilization. Industrial environment has typical challenges for fire detection & alarm, Fire Fighting, fire suppression etc. Surveillance needs would be varied based on need to help security personnel, monitor staff activities or monitor plant processes. Indoor access control systems would help access to decided areas to authorized persons. Outdoor access control would be useful in gate automation and generating data for vehicle and personnel tracking etc. Intrusion Detection and Perimeter Protection in industrial environment is critical. Solutions like Power fence or other type of solution can be offered based on need. Similarly metallic objects, explosives, contraband material etc can be detected based on threats perceived. Relevant software, wireless communication and counter surveillance or debugging also can be provided based on need.

In summary security challenges of any mass transport environment can be taken care using technology.