Market We Serve

When we plan services and solutions to be offered for Security and Automation deploying latest technology we can offer our range to diverse range of markets.

Broadly all Manufacturing establishments, Mass Transport and public services related to transportation, all buildings and all public utilities need these solutions.

In manufacturing category all industry with factory sites, ware houses, power stations, refineries etc would need technology to support human effort for security and automation for effective utilization of systems and resources.

Mass Transport has become very critical in India looking at the size of the sector and challenges due to number of people involved and getting affected. Speed is the need of hour and effective delivery of services and safety is utmost important. Technological solution deliver capabilities those are impossible with only human efforts.

Human life is always revolves around buildings. Any building today is not just housing people and material. Buildings have to be secure, comfortable, intelligent and designed to serve required functionalities effectively. This effectiveness can be derived only by deploying various technology solutions. Here all the solutions like surveillance, Fire protection, Access Control, light, temperature control etc are playing vital role. Solutions can be offered for full range of options like residential building, commercial building, Hotels, Hospitals, Tech Park, Industrial and commercial campuses etc.

When it comes to Public Utilities, technology is adding such a strong value that now they have become must. For educational campuses, sports campuses electronic security and automation technology solutions are heavily & effectively used. For defense and Homeland security needs technology plays vast and critical role. No solution in this domain can be visualized without offered technology solutions.