HVAC Control & Monitoring

Checkmate offers world best HVAC control systems from established leader like Schneider Electric. For any building, largest energy consuming systems are Heat Ventilation & Air Conditioning (HVAC) System. This deserves to be monitored and controlled for effective utilization and optimum energy consumption. Checkmate team would ensure site survey, solution design, implementation and even operation & maintenance too for the whole system too.

Components: Chillers, AHUs, Fans, panels installed for the building need to be monitored & controlled. All these components are connected to the DDS controllers thru sensors, switches, gauges and other components of IBMS system. At the IBMS control room, all the systems are operated, monitored and controlled from one computer / software.

Benefits: Benefits are obvious – optimum utilization of electricity and energy. Ensures best environment like quality of air, temperature, lighting, water levels etc. Generates advanced warnings on maintenance requirements like drift in temperature, water leak handing, electrical overloading etc.