Fire Fighting Systems

Sprinkler Network: If a fire breaks out at night, when there's no-one around, and your building is stocked with furniture or flammable chemicals, the flames can spread in no time. you might lose a business that's taken years or decades to build up. It makes sense to have a fire-fighting system that can react the moment trouble strikes, not just sounding an alarm but automatically putting out a fire as quickly as possible. That's exactly what fire sprinklers do.

Hydrant Network: Fire Hydrant System comprises of heavy duty above/ underground piping in Fire Red color/anticorrosive treatment. Butterfly valves are provided in the hydrant line to isolate loop for every loop/building for system maintenance. Gun Metal oblique type Internal, External and Fire Escape Hydrant valves are provided at every strategic locations for which tapings are taken from the Fire Mains. Near each hydrant outlet, a hose box containing 2 numbers of 15mtr long canvas hosepipes with hose coupling and a branch pipe with a nozzle is provided. Also provided High Pressure Hose Reels with ball valve on the Internal Hydrant which are Pre-connected to the Fire Mains. The hose reels are to be used for fighting fire in incipient stage inside the building.

Pump Arrangement: The Fire Pump Station comprises of the Jockey Pump, Electric Driven Pump and Stand-by Diesel driven Pump. The pump operation is automatic through pressure switch contacts based on header Pressure in the hydrant network. The delivery of the jockey pump and main pump is connected to the common delivery header. For Testing of pumps and water churning, an arrangement has been provided on the tank by taking tapping from the main header. All the necessary controls, panels and instrumentation as per the system requirement.

Pump Operation: The Fire Hydrant Line is always kept pressurized with water at 7.0 kg/cm2. In the event of any minor pressure drop in the system, the pressure reaches the preset pressure setting for Jockey pump, the Jockey pump will start automatically to compensate the pressure differential. In the event of opening one or more hydrant valve for fighting fire the Jockey pump will not be able to make up this water loss resulting in further pressure drop. When the falling pressure reaches the Preset pressure for main pump, the main pump will start automatically. In case of electric supply failure, stand by diesel engine driven pump will come into operation.

Checkmate is providing the world class gas, powder & liquid fire extinguishers. It is used to control & suppress the fire manually using GAS, Water cylinders or using water pump. Professional Fire Fighting systems with Fire Hydrant, Sprinklers can be designed, installed as per the applicable Building Codes. The project completion is normally handed over in presence of suitable Fire Officer / Authorities to get necessary site approvals also.

Components: Powder, Gas, Water Cylinders, Professionally designed and erected water based Fire Hydrant systems and sprinklers systems with pipes, Hydrant vales, NRVs, Butterfly valves, Sluice valves, Alarm valves, Dram reels, Canvas hose reels, Pumps etc.

Benefits: Such sort of cylinder is very useful & Handy. It is usually used in case of normal fire in a limited area. The type of cylinder to be used is depends on the area in which the fire occurred. In case IT/electricity then the powder to be used only as the other one may be very harmful to individual as well as the equipments.

For large and high rise buildings fire handled using sprinkler system and hydrant system, this system can be operated manually or automatically.